‘Tis the Season of Giving -2019

As we enter a season of gratitude and thanksgiving, The Sedalia Center is fortunate to count its many blessings.  We are deeply grateful for your continued support which has enabled us to provide cultural heritage festivals, art classes, a pollinator habitat, elementary school field trips, and much-needed infrastructure improvements.   

Projects literally sprouted from the ground this year at Sedalia!  The Pollinator Garden is open to the public to work and learn in.  A small teaching garden primarily focused on introducing children to working with the natural processes is planned for next year.  Education remains a vital foundation of the center’s mission, and these projects will need volunteer labor plus financial support in order to flourish.

Pollinator Garden

2020 Vision for Sedalia: Bring the Future into Focus

The Sedalia Center

As the gardens grow, and the children learn, the center will take on two major art and cultural projects. These projects will begin with historical research of the Sedalia area.  One branch of that research will grow into the Mural Project.  This mural will wrap around the walls of the cafeteria, depicting geology, flora and fauna, and inhabitants of the area and major historical events, including the Counter Ridge School and The Sedalia Center.  The second project, The Counter Ridge History Project, will establish a classroom as a repository of the history of regional African-American education.  We hope the history room will attract artifacts, records, pictures, and other memorabilia scattered throughout the community.  Special events showcasing local African-American artists will take place at the center during Black History Month (February 2020). 

Hovering above everything the center does, is the 1959 flat roof which must be replaced in the next five years.  We have a fundraising plan in place, led by the board of directors, which we will ask you to support as the new season develops. More information will be available in March.

In this season of giving, we give thanks for your continued support.  Your tax-deductible donation helps guarantee a bright future for this community landmark.  Please support The Sedalia Center as it strives to support you!

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With Gratitude,

Doris McCabe Board Chair

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