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Please help us preserve the Sedalia Center’s buildings and beautiful grounds.

Only with your help will the Center continue to be able to survive and thrive!

The building that the Sedalia Center has occupied since 1989 was originally built in 1959 as the Counter Ridge Elementary School. Recently the Center was invited to apply for the building to be on the National Historic Registry. The 1959 roof that covers the building must be replaced, as patching is no longer an option.

Thanks to an unexpected outpouring of support and a few extremely generous donations, we are able to get our roof repairs underway but we still need your help! Now that we’ve secured funding for our biggest need, we can move ahead with other projects to enhance the purpose and vision of the Sedalia experience.

PRIORITIES after roof are as follows:
– Handicap Accessible Ramp for our facilities.
– Permanent infrastructure for our campground.
– Restrooms and Facilities Updates.
– Stage covering for Counter Ridge Stage.

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