Supporting the Pollinators

Approximately 75 percent of all food crops grown in the United States depend on pollinators

The Sedalia Center teamed with the Bedford Master Gardeners to establish a pollinator garden in 2019. A work in progress, the garden is comprised of eight differing theme beds that attract differing pollinator groups and biomes to include honey bees, native bees (mason, bumble, etc), butterflies, monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, pasture plants, and a pollinator-friendly herb garden.      

The garden provides clear, real-life examples of the interdependent nature of our food ecosystem, and the valuable services that pollinators provide to us. The garden is located next to our playground to encourage children and parents to observe the different species of pollinators and to encourage parents to have a dialog with children on the crucial role our pollinators have in society.

If you are looking to start your own Pollinators Garden check out- Pollinator Gardens: 8 Easy Steps to Design a Landscape with Native Plants

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