Re Connecting Sedalia

Re Connecting Sedalia 2021 – Event Schedule

Event Date- June 19th, 2021

11:30 am

Welcome & Opening Prayers

in the Pavilion

11:45 am

Sharon Missionary Baptist Church Inspirational Choir & Infinite Praise

12:45 pm

Opening of African American Art Exhibition: Reconnecting Sedalia

1:00 pm

Dedication of Counter Ridge History Project

1:15 pm

Various Speakers and Performers

3:30 pm

Theatrical Performance by JLP Productions: Ours, Theirs, Everybody’s

5:30 pm

Kuumba Dance Ensemble

6:00 pm

IV Shades of Blue

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  1. Posts dates little confusing: May 28, 2021 starting at 11:30a on the schedule of events, & June 19, 2021 on event post starting at 11a. Just to be sure of date, is it Juneteenth event, June 19.

    1. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. May 28 was the date the page was created on our website. The event is JUNE 19, 2021. I have added the event date at the top of the page hopefully that helps.

      1. Will you be posting this event on Facebook so that we can advertise for this date. I saw postings for the Bluegrass festival and shared them. I have yet to see anything for this event to help get the word out and advertise.

      2. I went to Counter Ridge and I plan to be in attendance on Saturday, June 19th. This will be an AWESOME event💕

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