2022 Terrapin Mountain Earth Festival

April 22 - 23, 2022

Exciting New Festival at Sedalia!

Combining amazing music and earth-friendly education.


“What an amazing day!!!  An event you don’t want to miss!”

Activities for the Whole Family

Hula Hooping
Tai Chi’

and more!!

Saturday Workshops

Backyard Chickens

To celebrate Earth Day this year, come learn why having backyard chickens is a great way to foster and maintain some balance with the world–whether you are on 100 acre farm or a half-acre homestead.  The many rewards that a properly managed backyard flock brings will be covered, including using manure & bedding for compost; rehabilitating overgrown areas; improved soil health and biological diversity; egg & meat production; income generation and the recycling of food waste are just part of the overall value that backyard chickens provide.  Get first-hand consultation on everything from how to start your own flock to management advice on feeds, seeds and breeds so that you can actually enjoy raising chickens and do it for the long haul.

Mindful Mushrooming

I’m currently finishing up my first book and have been foraging mushrooms for over 10 years.  I typically spend time every month of the year in the woods harvesting wild edible species.  In this presentation I will be covering the flora and fauna as well as the most common species of wild edible mushrooms that exist in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This includes tree and plant identification, exposure and ground temperatures, as well as some of my favorite recipes on how to prepare them and how best to preserve and store.

If possible, weather and time permitting, we may even have a group foray in some nearby woodlands.

Grow Your Own –

With Melissa Witt of Peaks View Hydro

Growing Marijuana is easy in a few steps and takes a lot of patience! We will walk you through Seed to Harvest methods.

Plant Walk –

Spring is an abundant time for all types of wild food and medicine: from tender greens, to edible flowers, to hearty roots. We’ll stroll around discovering the abundance of food and medicine that surrounds us. Learn basic plant identification, ecology, how to harvest and prepare wild foods, and simple, easy medicinal preparations that will boost your immune system and enrich your life.

Composting –

Hoping to learn how to compost your kitchen scraps easily and efficiently? Confused about ratios of “greens” and “browns” and whether to use compost tumblers or piles or bins? Simplify the process and let red wigglers do the work for you! These little worms are one of the most efficient composting organisms around. A typical outdoors compost pile or bin usually relies on bacteria and other microorganisms to break down compostable materials. Red wigglers do the job by eating your scraps and excreting “castings,” otherwise known as worm poop. This workshop will allow you to meet some wigglers up close and personal and give you some tips on how to get started on your own worm composting project!

Musical Entertainment

BigFoot County
McBroom and the Jam
Coleman Brothers Band
FireCracker Jam
Pearl Blue
…and more

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