Celtic Festival

Come celebrate the fun and fanfare of
The Sedalia Center’s Celtic Festival


Second Wynde will headline our festival with grrreat rollicking music and good fun!  Our good friends,  Riddle on the Harp, will play traditional and lovely ballads.  And we’ll have the luck o’ the Irish as Mr. Brian Coughlan from Limerick, Ireland performs throughout the day.




Go for the Sights
Highland games demonstrations will be conducted during the day on our North Lawn.  Several Scottish Clans will be on site to help you learn about the families and lore belonging to each clan. We’ll have a variety of dancers too! Plus, come meet the pillaging Vikings of the Valley, The Society for Creative Anachronism, Faerie Folk, and more!  Children will be enchanted with face painting, riding in the Viking Longboat, and creating fairy houses in our Walk of Poems.

We’ll also introduce the newest addition to our growing playground, “The Healthy Bedford.”  She’s a huge wooden tugboat complete with swings and slide, ready to set sail with a boatload of imagination.  Special thanks to the Bedford Community Health Foundation for making her possible!!

Go for the Delicious
In addition to our wonderful regular fare, concessions will offer Irish Bangers on a Bun, and Irish Nachos.  Don’t miss out on our Blue Room Pub (BuRP)  specials like Cock-a-Leekie Soup, plus other tasty treats.  Beale’s will be on site dispensing their own brand of liquid deliciousness….and a special brew made especially for The Celtic Festival, 80 Shilling (from an old Scottish recipe)!


For advanced ticket sales please visit http://www.lynchburgtickets.com/celticfestival


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