Re Connecting Sedalia

Re Connecting Sedalia Event Schedule

Event Date- June 19th, 2021

11:30 am

Welcome & Opening Prayers

in the Pavilion

11:45 am

Sharon Missionary Baptist Church Inspirational Choir & Infinite Praise

12:45 pm

Opening of African American Art Exhibition: Reconnecting Sedalia

1:00 pm

Dedication of Counter Ridge History Project

1:15 pm

Various Speakers and Performers

3:30 pm

Theatrical Performance by JLP Productions: Ours, Theirs, Everybody’s

5:30 pm

Kuumba Dance Ensemble

6:00 pm

IV Shades of Blue


  • Marilyn Bailey

    Posts dates little confusing: May 28, 2021 starting at 11:30a on the schedule of events, & June 19, 2021 on event post starting at 11a. Just to be sure of date, is it Juneteenth event, June 19.

    • Linda Scott

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention. May 28 was the date the page was created on our website. The event is JUNE 19, 2021. I have added the event date at the top of the page hopefully that helps.

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