Country Fair & Gathering

Start time 2019-09-07 00:00
Finished Time 2019-09-07 00:00
Address 1108 Sedalia School Road Big Island, VA 24526

Celebrating Our 27th Year!

The Gathering for Sustainability and the Art of Mindful Living is a part of the Country Fair that brings together people who have set themselves the task of protecting traditional ways of agriculture and horticulture that recycle elements of the agricultural process — manure, yard waste, water, seed — and protect it from pollution or degradation — into the resources that maintain fertility with minimal inputs from outside the farm.

  • The Country Fair is entertaining, but its mission is to reconnect children (and adults who are willing to relax a little) with the natural pleasure of being outdoors.
  • The Discovery Trail is open — a mowed path around the grounds that is an easy walk in the country. It begins and ends in the wooded Walk of Poems, a shady grove where children can run and play, and adults can sit and relax or walk the paths that preserve the poetry of Matthew Jordan Brown.

We are currently accepting craft and food vendors for The Country Fair and Gathering. Please check our vendor page for more information or call 434-299-5080  or email ​ for more information about participating.