Doc McCabe Bluegrass Festival

Country Fair & Gathering

The Country Fair & Gathering is a gathering of local farmers, gardeners, folks, and kids dedicated to rural life β€” what it gives to us and what it needs from us. Thinking about the future, the Country Fair aims to become a place where we come to share knowledge across the conventional/sustainable divide. The Sedalia Country Fair & Gathering is a place for conversation about culture and agriculture, and about those spaces where art and the natural sciences meet.

It’s a day for children to get outdoors, run around, play in the playground, see lots of great big horses, chickens large and small, watch Border Collies herd sheep, ride in a wagon.

Eddie Reynolds offering free wagon rides at the Sedalia Center. Eddie was one of the great friends Sedalia lost this year (2019).

Chilli Cook-Off

Christmas in Sedalia