The Sedalia Center is a 501(c)(3); your charitable gift is tax-deductible.  We are self-funded and rely on our Friends of Sedalia and our Event Sponsors to help us in our mission of protecting, preserving and enhancing arts, culture and the living arts, while being a beacon of education, instruction and resources for our local community.

We cannot do this without your help. Together we will positively impact lives… and along the way discover the creativity and imagination in all of us.

​Please call (434) 299-5080 for a credit card donation or simply mail your tax-deductible gift to:
The Sedalia Center
1108 Sedalia School Road
Big Island, VA 24526

Any amount you give is greatly appreciated and will go far in helping to fund our programs.  We only have two people on salary and we run our center through a volunteer board, volunteer event staff, volunteer program leaders and college interns.