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    Community Art Project

    Here we go! Exciting days ahead as artist, Bobby Fuller, begins work on the community art project. This project, funded in part by the Creative Communities Partnership Grant, The Al Stroobants Foundation, and The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, will depict area history on the walls of The Blue Room (the old cafeteria). Our Counter Ridge History Project has been busy collecting stories of Sedalia’s past, which will soon come to life on these walls! Get Our Newsletter Be the first to know about our Events and Programs by joining our Newsletter.  Our Events Learn More Our Programs Learn More Be a Sponsor Learn More

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    Bedford Welcome Center’s Festival of Trees

    “Festival of Trees at the Bedford Area Welcome Center is an annual event that takes place around the end of November through the first week of January. “Christmas Through The Decades” is the theme for this year. The event will feature trees that are decorated by local businesses and organizations. Visitors are encouraged to come by the Welcome Center and vote for their favorite tree(s) for only $1.00/vote. At the conclusion of the event, all proceeds will benefit the charitable organizations designated by the businesses.  There are no winners and no losers of this event, everyone has an equal opportunity to raise money for their selected charity and they will keep…

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    ‘Tis the Season of Giving- 2020

    We haven’t seen much of each other this difficult year, but time passes, and the seasons go round. With the holidays, the Center’s first and only event of 2020, Christmas in Sedalia, will be held outdoors and under the pavilion on Saturday, December 12th, from 12-4. No Santa this year, but an opportunity to shop for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts and support local artists and artisans. It’s been an especially hard year for them as they’ve not had many opportunities to sell their wares. Come join us, outdoors and with plenty of room for social distancing, rain or shine! Christmas in Sedalia cancelled due to executive order, dated November 16, 2020,…

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    The Power Of The Great Outdoors: How It Helps In Addiction Recovery

    Written by- Patrick Bailey Ah, the great outdoors. There’s something within the human heart that ignites feelings of peace and tranquility when one spends time in the wild woods, a cool garden, or a pristine beach under the sun.  A lot of studies point to the benefits of being outdoors towards mental health. Claims have been made that being outdoors reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other disorders of the mind. No wonder, many seek solace at the natural hues of green and blues found in the trees, water, and sky. There’s a special group of people too, who would benefit greatly by immersing themselves outdoors. Those who suffer from…

  • Counter Ridge Elm- Blueprints
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    Counter Ridge Elementary- Blueprints

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    Help the Pollinators

    June is National Pollinator Month here in the US! While we should always be mindful of pollinators, June is a great time to dig in and give pollinators some extra love. The purpose of pollinator month is to spread awareness about the plight of pollinators and encourage folks to take action to help support their declining populations.  Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can help save pollinators, including things you can do at home, in your community and beyond! Most of the ways we can help pollinators seem small and easy to do – but can add up to make a big difference! Pollinator populations are impacted by human…

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    Camping Memories

    Camping has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Previously, I wrote about “camping with horses” which can be delightful or distressing, depending on how you go about it!   My advice is for you to trail ride all day with a camping pack and rider on your horse so he’s good and tired when it’s time to settle down for the evening.  This next bit of advice, which you are about to read, is more personal than practical, though there are some elements to it which you may find helpful! Camping in the North Georgia Mountains was a favorite of mine when my…

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    The Opportunity of Tai Chi

    The first I heard of tai chi, it seemed the idea was that you wouldn’t be there for your opponent to hit you — the art of dodging, I thought. I loved the idea: a humorous approach to self-defense. Of course, that was a very simplistic understanding of a thoroughly complicated system, but as far as self-defense goes, it does get to the essential idea. Even though you are not there to be hit, the other side of that yin is the yang: that your opponent can’t lose you either. You stick. You assist your opponent to go in the direction his force is taking him. Because tai chi isn’t…

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    Spring 2020

    “I say that even after April, by God there’s no excuse for May.” -e e cummings Gridlock in the transportation of food from farms to distribution centers and retail customers during this time of pestilence has forced the conversation. When things fall apart and the center cannot hold, space appears from within the center of the dissolution. Within that space is the core of real life, the inexorable reality on which our human constructs about reality — our cultures, our belief systems, our actions — are built. I pause as I use that phrase, on which our human constructs about reality…are built, because as I write it, the alternative out…