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‘Tis the Season of Giving -2019

As we enter a season of gratitude and thanksgiving, The Sedalia Center is fortunate to count its many blessings.  We are deeply grateful for your continued support which has enabled us to provide cultural heritage festivals, art classes, a pollinator habitat, elementary school field trips, and much-needed infrastructure improvements.   

Projects literally sprouted from the ground this year at Sedalia!  The Pollinator Garden is open to the public to work and learn in.  A small teaching garden primarily focused on introducing children to working with the natural processes is planned for next year.  Education remains a vital foundation of the center’s mission, and these projects will need volunteer labor plus financial support in order to flourish.

Pollinator Garden

2020 Vision for Sedalia: Bring the Future into Focus

The Sedalia Center

As the gardens grow, and the children learn, the center will take on two major art and cultural projects. These projects will begin with historical research of the Sedalia area.  One branch of that research will grow into the Mural Project.  This mural will wrap around the walls of the cafeteria, depicting geology, flora and fauna, and inhabitants of the area and major historical events, including the Counter Ridge School and The Sedalia Center.  The second project, The Counter Ridge History Project, will establish a classroom as a repository of the history of regional African-American education.  We hope the history room will attract artifacts, records, pictures, and other memorabilia scattered throughout the community.  Special events showcasing local African-American artists will take place at the center during Black History Month (February 2020). 

Hovering above everything the center does, is the 1959 flat roof which must be replaced in the next five years.  We have a fundraising plan in place, led by the board of directors, which we will ask you to support as the new season develops. More information will be available in March.

In this season of giving, we give thanks for your continued support.  Your tax-deductible donation helps guarantee a bright future for this community landmark.  Please support The Sedalia Center as it strives to support you!

Sedalia Logo

With Gratitude,

Doris McCabe Board Chair

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2019 Chili Cook-Off Highlights

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Chili Cook-Off we had amazing weather and fun was had by all. The crowd was amazing, the vendors were happy, the music was great, the chili teams had a good time, and there were quite a few campers, too.  Our playground was full of happy children as well.

This year we had 11 teams compete. Prizes ranged from CASH, 2020 SEASON TICKETS, TROPHIES AND BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!

Entertainment was provided by:

Rare Form, Pete Turpin, and Mountain Run Band

Pete Turpin
Michael Roach of Rare Form
Pavilion Dedication
Doris McCabe unveils the plaque dedicating the pavilion in memory of Buzzy Coleman as the family looks on.

At this year’s event, we announced that future Chili Cook-Off would be named in honor of the late Buzzy Coleman; Buzzy Coleman Chili Cook-Off!

The Winners Were:


First Place: Beale’s

Red Roof Kune Kunes

Second Place: Red Roof Kune Kunes

Fronteir Chili

Third Place: Frontier Chili

Red Roof Kune Kunes

Peoples Choice & Best Presentation: Red Roof Kune Kunes


Al Stroobants
Bedford Community Health Foundation
Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

Christmas in Sedalia 2019

Saturday, December 14th

10 am till 4 pm


Event Includes:

Unique gifts for everyone on your list. – Selfies with SANTA! – Music by Riddle on the Harp – Kids Crafts with the Claytor Nature Study Center – Christmas Caroling.

We are always looking for vendors. Please click the link below.

click for details
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click for details


Bank of the James
Al Stroobants
Bedford Community Health Foundation
Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

Community Garden Art Class

Thanks to the generosity of Bedford Community Health Foundation and its vision of community health as encompassing more than hospitals and medicine, the Sedalia Center was able to offer a class in watercolor still life painting to volunteers in a Master Gardeners pollinator garden project at the Center. Funding for the class was included in a grant award for the installation of the garden, a joint project of the Sedalia Center, BCHF, and BAMGA.

The class, led by well-known Bedford artist Revelle Hamilton, was a basic introduction to watercolor painting; its subject matter the flowers and plants in the eight beds of the garden, which was planted this season in beds built by Eagle Scouts from Troop 638, which meets at and is sponsored by the Sedalia Center.

Expanding the domestic art of horticulture to an exercise in the fine art of watercolor painting is a first step in developing a broad-spectrum arts culture at the Center rooted in the connection of all creative endeavors. Annis McCabe founded the Sedalia Center “for the Art of Living and Living Arts,” casting a wide net to allow imagination to inform both work and play.

Ms. Hamilton introduced the class to the mysteries of the color wheel and provided a chart that help students figure out how colors combined. Students arranged hardy annuals from the garden’s beds in vases and worked under the artist’s guidance. The room hummed with focused energy, and everyone learned a lot and produced a finished painting.

Ms. Hamilton’s Floral Still Life class was a smashing success, and it happened because community members worked together to produce an opportunity for learning and immersion in the arts that would otherwise not have been available.

Please consider becoming a sponsor! For more information visit our Become a Sponsor Page.

2019 Country Fair & Gathering – Highlights

For the 2019 Country Fair & Gathering Event Details, click here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Country Fair and Gathering on Saturday. It was a beautiful day in Sedalia!

The 2019 Country Fair was blessed with moderate temperatures and a bit of a breeze, a nice summer day for horse show exhibitors, demonstrators, and fairgoers alike to enjoy being outdoors in the country. The arena rumbled under wagons, the hoofs of big black horses, and the scampering feet of dogs and the sheep they herded.

Musicians Catherine the Great, East Bound, and unannounced guests Dale and Robert Overstreet kept the pavilion upbeat and didn’t seem to bother the chickens at all. FFA brought sheep and goats, sold mums, and generally added to the life of the Fair.

LT Skinnell demonstrated forging, and vendors offered good food and a wide variety of merchandise. Doug MacLeod set up his camp with its ancient artifacts in the lower meadow, showing kids how to weave yucca into mats and to use primitive bows and arrows. Mark Angelini and John Fluger carved wood into spoons and animals. Children wore out the playground and ate Italian ice. The Pollinator Garden hummed brightly in its beds, and the Angelinis explained plans for next year’s sustainable vegetable garden.

2020 will be the first year in many decades that hemp can be legally grown in Virginia. Bedford County Extension Agent Scott Baker,  and Chris Wood, who grows hemp for oil at Peaks of Otter Hemp, addressed agricultural issues of growing hemp for fiber and medicinal oil.

Doris McCabe thanked the Al Stroobants Foundation for the solar micro-grid it awarded the Sedalia Center, and Mark Howard and Shane Tyree of Powermark Electrical, who designed and installed it, gave impromptu tours of the system. 2019 is the 60th anniversary of the construction of the Counter Ridge School, the original incarnation of the Sedalia Center. Alumna Deborah Reeves spoke of the history of black children’s education in northern Bedford County, reminding the audience of the milestone that the building of Counter Ridge marked: a school with indoor plumbing, a cafeteria, and a kitchen where the lunch ladies cooked from scratch. A school that gave a child a sense of dignity and the opportunity to advance. And gave the Sedalia Center a history it can be proud of.

the Winners

Horse Show

Coming Soon



  • Speckled Sussex                   1st Charlie Moser
  • Serama Rooster & Hen           2nd Charlie Moser
  • Buff                                         1st Madison Cocke
  • Silver Lace Wyandotte           1st Charlie Moser
  • Polish Frizzle                           1st Bob Curfiss
  • Phoenix Rooster                     1st Rachel Cocke
  • Dark Brahama           1st Emily Cocke
  • Sex Link                                  1st Emily Cocke
  • Silkie Rooster                          1st Ava Curfiss
  • Gray Silkie                              1st Emily Cocke


  • Lone Bale                                1st Elaine Lee
  • Maria in Snow                         2nd Elaine Lee
  • Three Flowers                         3rd Donna Owen
  • Marked Wire                            4th Elaine Lee
  • Two Cats                                5th Donna Owen
  • Curve to the Peaks of Otter 6th Elaine Lee



  • Red & Yellow Tomatoes         1st Emma Markham    
  • Mr. Stripy Tomatoes               1st Emma Markham
  • Tomatoes                                1st Christy Boone
  • Tomatoes                               2nd Christy Boone
  • Tomatoes                                3rd Christy Boone

Pickled Cucumbers

  • Dill Pickles                               1st Emma Markham
  • Pickle Relish                            1st Emma Markham

Pickled Vegetables                 

  • Squash Relish                                    1st Patricia Stevens
  • Christmas Jam                        2nd Patricia Stevens

Pickled Cabbage

  • Chow-Chow                           1st Emma Markham
  • Red Chow-Chow                1st Emma Markham



  • Apple Pie                                1st Doris McCabe
  • Jicama Pie                              2nd Larry Freeman


Root Vegetable

Jicama                                     1st Larry Freeman


  • Charleston Grey                     1st Donald Steen
  • Heirloom Organic                     1st Doris McCabe


  • Brown Eggs                            1st Stormie Shelton
  • Colored Eggs                          1st Stormie Shelton
  • Easter Eggs                            1st Emily Cocke                         
  • Small White Eggs                    1st Madison Cocke
  • White Eggs                             2nd Stormie Shelton
  • Farm Fresh Display Eggs       1st Emily Cocke




Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation
Bedford Community Health Foundation
Bank of the James

Lone Pine Farm

Virginia Commission for the Arts

Al Stroobants Foundation

Thank You for Entering Your Team in our Annual Chili Cook-Off

We look forward to tasting your amazing chili!!

Please remember to submit your Temporary Food Establishment Application/Permit 2 weeks prior to the event. You will need to display this Application/Permit on the day of the event. If you have any questions about the Application/Permit please contact the Bedford Health Department at 540-586-7952 ext. 126 Teams DO NOT have to pay the application fee.

Important Information About the Event:

Your Health Department Temporary Event Permit MUST be sent to the Health Department 2 WEEKS Prior to the Event.

If you have any questions about the event please contact the office at 434-299-5080 or email